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We make even Rocket Science and Artificial Intelligence simpler, Thanks to paper and pencil for initial prototyping


We don't just love Development, we are crazy on it. Whatever it may be either a Arduino for satellite or Modeling a Neural Network, we are mad at these


Our team consists of more Enthusiastic people, sometime over-enthusiastic. So all they need is just a start and they will go to home after launching it.


Yes! We are startup, But we don't get compromised with this statement. We extend our works in several projects with unique expert teams.


We are not only good at inventing & developing things, but also best in teaching things. We focus on the future nerds while we are supporting current geeks. Following are some of our programs & events,..

Arduino Sat workshop is to provide knowledge about growth and use of satellites in Engineering fields. You will get to know how satellite works and operated. Workshop will be open to all students of Arts, Science and Engineering. Students participating in workshops is given a chance to work with us as interns as per their performance and their ideas.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of Computer Science that let machines think like human. From SIRI to self-driving cars,Artificial Intelligence is progressing rapidly. In coming years, everything will be automated by AI techniques wiping conventional programming procedures and systems. It won’t be a choice rather than it will be a must for students to get fundamentals ideas of analytics, machine learning,etc.,

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Artificial IntelligenceCourse


We do respect some conventional technologies, but only in some aspects. All our projects and programs are focused on vital game changing technologies which should be known by everyone for making their lives easy. Following are some technologies and other stuffs which we are working on.

Machine Learning & Data Analytics

An absolute technology which plays a vital role in each and every Growing Industries. Do you think we lack with this. Using Mathematical models to learn from the previous data, our program predict reading in more optimised way.


The miniaturized U-Class satellite without exceed mass of 1.33 Kg/unit which is been launched as a payload on launch vehicel. We have experience in prototyping more than 10 different cubesat models.

Rocket Prototyping

You don't need to be Elon Musk to launch rocket prototypes. Rocket Prototyping helps in studying the principles of rocket science. Both Construction and Fabrication

Deep Neural Networks

One of the Revolutionay technology that makes computer system to learn from experiments in the same way human does with the use of Artificially programmed Neural Networks.


Drones are the future of surveillance industries, this technology is been one of the modest and easiest way of tracking. We also extend our application by processing the video/images produced by drones and those insights will be used in automating the drone behaviour.


We are Hyoristic Innovators. We work on implementing complex technologies in day to day life of yours. Our projects and works are mostly into Space Science and Artificial Intelligence Technologies. Math powered by propulsion is Rocket Science and Math powered by programming is Artificial Intelligence. We don't have vision and mission, we only concern with equation.


Meet the Most Craziest team. Seriously we run a startup. Attitude doesn't matter, Madness does.

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If you a unconventional thinker and doer, then for sure this concern is a place for you. Please apply for the job/ intern openings.

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